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Tag: Guerciotti Air


Salice Lightweight Italian glasses

Salice is one of the leading cycling brands in its Italian homeland. The company isn’t as well known outside Italy, but that’s changing, and we’ve been impressed with the products we have seen, in terms of quality and price.


Ursus Miura TS37 Evo Disc wheels

Cyclo-cross laps are courses which put the racers of the Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite team through a difficult course: sand and mud are combined with hills and valleys and with other obstacles that need to be overcome with agility and speed.


NEW 2019 Guerciotti Air

With Eureka Air, the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING of Guerciotti has made one of its best products to date. Thanks to RS design, the best design has been studied in order to obtain an extremely aerodynamic product.